Personal Coaching

Business-Woman-Trapped-in-Box-35965174-300x288Change starts with you! Do you wish you were:

– More self-confident?

– Better at public speaking, giving presentations, and interviews?

– Networking with ease?

– More relaxed in social settings?

– Less shy in romantic situations?

– Happier with your self image?

InnerAction can help. Using acting exercises and improv techniques, InnerAction helps bring out out of your head and into the moment.

No more living inside your mind where your doubts, fears, and inhibitions keep you from living your best life. No more dreading interactions, presentations, or interviews. No more letting cubicle living keep you in your box.

InnerAction can help you live more fully, and with empathy to those around you.  All programs are customized based on your individual needs. Freedom from your inner critic can be yours! Tap into your inner action today.