InnerAction offers both Corporate Training and Personal Coaching Services. Through half- or full-day classes, weekend/several day intensives, or hour-long sessions and presentations, Rachel will customize the InnerAction program to meet your goals.
Our Services.

Corporate Training.

InnerAction has programs to help the many important aspects of business today including: Management, Communications and Negotiation, Sales, Customer Service/Phone Banks, and Public Speaking/Work Presentation.

– Do you have a group of employees or business owners that want to feel more empowered to bring their products and services to more people?

– Are your employees communicating effectively or simply talking at each other? Do they struggle at or fear making presentations?

– Are you looking to build team morale and comradery in a way that makes your employees leave smiling?

– Does your sales force lack the ability to approach, engage or close a potential sale?

– Do you want to foster more creativity in the workplace?

If you’ve answered YES! Then you need to take InnerAction! Discover the benefits that acting and improv training can bring to your business.

Training using InnerAction techniques will result in:

– Happier employees who can engage in more effective communications and who are more connected wth one another.

– Higher sales and better customer service.

– Employees who will come to you with more ideas and who are able to expand on the ideas of others.

– Improved public speaking, networking, and negotiation skills.


Personal Coaching.

Change starts with you! Do you wish you were:

– More self-confident?

– Better at public speaking, giving presentations, and doing interviews?

– More relaxed in social settings?

– Less shy in romantic situations?

– Happier with your self image?

InnerAction can help. Using acting excersises and improv techniques InnerAction helps you bring the “YOU” you know you CAN be into the world around you.

No more living inside your mind where your doubts, fears, and inhibitions keep you from living your best life. No more dreading interactions, presentations, or interviews. No more letting cubicle living keep you in your box.

InnerAction can help you live more fully, and with empathy to those around you.  All programs are customized based on your individual needs. Freedom from your inner critic can be yours!