-Client Testimonials –

“Rachel did a great job in customizing our company’s training program to fit our specific needs and objectives.  I felt that it touched on some directly important areas for us, and I left with some tangible methods and practices to employ immediately.  In sales, much of what we do is improvise in our interactions with customers.  Our session with Rachel made me realize all of the areas that improv training can impact our professional and personal lives.  Rachel did a fantastic job of including and engaging each person in our group, while making everyone feel safe in knowing that it was ok to make mistakes and not be afraid to fail while stepping out of our comfort zones.” – Tyler Cary

"Working with Rachel has been a fantastic experience. Her perception of each individual she works with in her classes is spot on and her ability to "read" people is uncanny. With her experience in these areas, she is able to assist the individual to look into themselves and find the ability within. It can be exciting, challenging, and cathartic. I could leave class with a renewed sense of self, a renewed confidence that was there, just hidden. It's easy to get caught up in the routines and ruts of every day life, and in class I was able to leave te distractions at the door and focus on myself. Rachel's ability to explain how to do that and assist in finding the tools with which to do that are just a couple of examples that make her great at what she does as a performance coach"

- Leslie T.,

"When I was preparing for interviews and talks related to a book launch, Rachel was a brilliant coach, teacher, and sounding board, always challenging me but never putting me in danger, because she always listens first. I think that everyone has a performing self within them who is energetic, responsive, and confident, but a self that for most of us has to be coaxed out. I'm so fortunate to have found such an amazing midwife as Rachel, who helped me with the fundamentals of performance and the specifics of working with the media. I would work again with her, absolutely."

- Michael Erard,

"Taking classes from Rachel has made me realize my strengths. My job as a caregiver can be stressful and demanding both physically and mentally. The relaxation techniques she teaches are invaluable. OH!! Did I forget to mention how much fun I had? Terrific class. Thank you Rachel."

- Sandy LaFerriere,

"Rachel has done a few programs for us. One for our sales staff and one for our clients. Both events were fantastic! Rachel used her energy, enthusiasm, and experience to provide an experience that attendees were talking about months later. One of the stand out pieces was improving your professional career by strengthening your improv skills." - Warren Maddock and Larry Julius, Portland Radio Group Sales Managers.

- Warren Maddock ,

"I met Rachel by chance at a party.  When she mentioned she was a dating coach, I told her I could use one.  In less than two minutes after asking a couple of questions, she was able to correctly assess my approach to dating.  She then gave me a new perspective to consider.  Rather than worrying about the results of my dates, I now know I can relax and be much more myself by just enjoying the process as Rachel suggested.  She seems to have a real knack for coaching people through various social interactions."

- Jeff Pike,

"I've tried a lot of relaxation techniques, but Rachel's approach was different: personalized, simple and almost weirdly effective. I find myself using what she taught me whenever I run into a little bit (or a lot) of overwhelm, whether at my desk or before an audition. I've had feelings of dread and helplessness change to genuinely looking forward to a challenge."

-Anna B.,

"I have taken three classes with Rachel: two for acting and one for comedy improv.  Though my career is in an entirely unrelated and very different field, Rachel has allowed me not just to peek at something I've been curious about for quite some time, but she motivated me to explore this in detail.  I love this path that I've taken and I plan on continuing.  As we all recall, a bad teacher can literally inhibit learning, whereas a great teacher can inspire. I am inspired."

- Hal Cohen,

"Rachel was the auctioneer for the Maine Association of Public Interest Law (MAPIL) benefit at the University of Maine School of Law. Rachel nimbly dealt with a rowdy audience and a mic that wouldn't quite cooperate. She was sassy, funny, and raised loads of money. MAPIL thanks Rachel and publicly endorses her great talent."

- Maine Association of Public Interest Law,

· Very targeted feedback that was personal and actionable
· Honest and respectful conversations (peppered with the right vocabulary!)
· Very motivational discussions
· Created an atmosphere where people were comfortable being vulnerable and participative
· Made it FUN!
· Gave us tools that we can use in our daily work with each other and our teams
· Energized us! You are not just an outstanding teacher, observer, “psychologist,” and communicator but more importantly a quality human being. We have had many discussions in our group the rest of the day, at dinner, and this morning in our meetings, and we’ve applied our “yes, and” discussions as well as our “room entrances” to how we want to be better leaders. I will tell you, however, that my efforts at using “yes, and” via text with my wife failed miserably… I think I need more training. We certainly hope to engage you again to further our learning. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!!!!

Mike Zeglinksi,